Emerging media of today, and why you care about it.

As integrated marketing professionals we are expected to utilize all relevant media efficiently and effectively for our clients. As a result of society and technology, media evolves rapidly. Emerging media is the product of that evolution as we see it and interact with it today. Emerging media serves as much an innovative tool as it does an untamed beast for businesses. So the marketers of today study emerging media to best understand its drivers, innovation, evolution, and societal impact to determine its relevance, value, and extinction rate. We not only have to understand all these nuances but also communicate what emerging media is, what it does, how it works and how it impacts our client’s objectives.

The entire time keeping in mind that what we are studying and describing is continually changing. Making the integrated marketer every bit the sociologist, data scientist, pioneering researcher, and catalyst. The components of marketing are no longer relegated to silos, strategies must be omnichannel, and consumers are more discerning than ever.



  1. At the rate it is evolving, it seems as though we will never quite catch up with all forms of emerging media as marketing professionals. What fun would that be, anyway? The ever-changing mediums through which we can market our clients products or services will hopefully stay on the cutting edge in the future. Considering most human’s attention spans are measured in nanoseconds, being ahead of the game is key. Considering the rate at which media outlets have already grown in my lifetime, I’m thrilled to see where they go next. Also, I love what you said about emerging media not only being an innovative tool, but an untamed beast as well. By proxy, does that make us as marketing professionals “media lion tamers”? I was just looking for another term to spice up my resume…

    1. Stephanie Katcher

      “What fun would that be, anyway?” Jess, I totally agree. Beyond the challenges of an Attention Economy, the research power of Big Data and fresh media innovation, you can’t help but feel some pioneer excitement. I definitely think lion tamer has its place on your resume.

  2. It seems that almost every single day some new social media site or update with new capabilities appears. “Emerging media serves as much an innovative tool as it does an untamed beast for businesses.” This statement could not be more true. I’ve witnessed many local governments try and tame the beast of emerging media. Some have succeeded and others don’t seem to even know where to start. If you look at the City of Roanoke, VA you will see that they have succeeded when it comes to emerging media, specifically social media networking. The city has generated a presence on social media in such a way that they can notify citizens about breaking news and also have fun (they have a well-known April Fool’s Day prank). Recently, they newsjacked the premiere of American Horror Story: Roanoke to turn the conversation into one about their Roanoke instead of the Roanoke the show illustrated. I’m interested to see how small organizations and localities can continue to learn and harness the power of emerging media.


    1. admin


      Newsjacking the premiere of American Horror Story: Roanoke to turn the conversation toward the municipality over the fictional one, is an outstanding and note worthy maneuver. I’m often impressed by the tactics of municipalities that succeed despite their size and lack of resources. This summer marked the launch of the Our Danville app. Previously the personal Facebook page of the Mayor served as both a customer facing portal and PR. Fortunately for the mayor, with the launch of the app the city also developed its own Facebook page.


  3. Like Tommy said, it’s amazing what some companies can do with social media even without doing much of anything. There are companies like GoPro which a perfect match for social media considering they have millions of consumers sending in awesome videos and pictures that were taken by their product and then you have companies such as Enterprise which is a very cut and dry rental car company. Perhaps Enterprise would use social media by answering questions and helping consumers get to where they need to go but they also can stay on the minds of the consumers by participating in discussions that don’t always deal with rental cars.

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