Emerging Media

Why emerging media? Emerging media serves as much an innovative tool as an untamed beast for businesses and consumers alike. Media evolves as a result of society and technology, assuring that there is an eternal source of unchartered territory ripe with new evolutions to discover.

According to my father, you have to understand a system and its foundation before you can conquer and improve upon it. So we must analyze emerging media to best understand its drivers, innovation, evolution, and societal impact to determine its relevance, value, and extinction rate. As professionals we are expected to utilize all relevant media efficiently and effectively for our clients;  stephaniekatcher.today analyzes emerging media sharing insights, observations, and speculation on emerging media, what it is today, how it impacts society, how it relates to media of the past to shape media of the future, how the users of today impact the media of tomorrow, so on and so forth.

Who am I? In case you hadn’t already guessed, my name is Stephanie Katcher. I’m a lot of things, some relevant, some not.  As a grad student at West Virginia University pursuing a Masters of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications with an emphasis in Business Management, I am passionate about the emerging media of today and the opportunities it provides for businesses to connect with individuals online and offline. As a business consultant, operating partner, advisor and board member for various entities I’m extremely interested in capitalizing on the opportunities emerging media provides. As a published author and stand-up comedian, analyzing media in society makes for good entertainment.