Holiday gifting opportunities for the brand zealots in your life.

Brand zealots are extremely real allies. Acquiring them may be a bit more mythic an endeavor but once you have them, treat them well. They will promote and guard your brand without hesitation. They will evangelize your products and services in a way that may even make your sales team blush. They are your prized consumer, increasing brand value, growing brand reach, and more ferociously loyal than your mother. But what have you done for them lately, it’s the holidays after all.

Don’t forget your zealots this holiday season.


The Peeps™ brand is one that quickly recognized their loyal fans needed more than a festive tree and snowman shaped marshmallow goodness to satisfy their affections. Peeps & Company has Peeps everyday gear as well as holiday specific offerings in their store. Everything from holiday specific confections to plushies and chicks for your tree.

Peeps & Company holiday store

For the first time ever, cheesy fingered fans of Cheetos™ have their own holiday experience. Frito-Lay has made sure there are a variety of luxury and novelty goods available for the holidays. The store is already sold out of its tiger paw chair and hot pants for this holiday season. Meanwhile, Eye of the Cheetah jewelry and Colour de Cheetos Bronzer are still available. 

Cheetos Eye of the Tiger Jewelry Cheetos Hot Pants

Cheetos tiger paw chairGet that Cheetos Glow

























What do you have planned for the brand zealots in your life?

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