Lessons in media, from a glue stick ninja.

Originally, I’d intended to post my 2017 trends for emerging media. But, that’s what everyone is doing these days so, let’s shift over to something more immediate like wrapping gifts.

Wrapping gifts is one of my all-time favorite tasks. Like many of my creative business minded friends, I embrace every ounce of my OCD nature and problem-solving skills to masterfully wrap each package. Only difference, I wield a glue-stick.

It’s a simple switch. Ditch the invisible tape (or satin) and grab a nice little glue stick. Choose a fresh one to avoid some major headaches and globby tacky nastiness, most likely to trigger unseasonable cursing. Also when possible opt for one that changes tint when it goes on, it will save you from getting it on everything or forgetting where you put it, when someone hollers from the living room wanting to know if the milk in the refrigerator is still good.

The irony in all this is that for over a decade we have foregone holiday gifting in my family. So typically what gets wrapped up and placed under the tree is a year’s supply of shampoo, conditioner, and Q-tips or whatever other bargains were stockpiled during the season’s sales.

What does this have to do with emerging media? Well…

  • Why let your kinder school skills waste away? Sometimes old school devices are genius when applied to new situations.
  • Packaging is marketing; don’t ever forget that.
  • Create valuable content, solutions for your consumer. If it’s explaining how to wrap presents like a glue stick ninja during the holiday season, go for it.
  • Live stream when possible. Face it, this whole article would be far more valuable and entertaining if I were live streaming the how to’s, wouldn’t it?

More on creating what your audience needs and craves, soon.