Live at PRSA ICON 2016

Later this week, I will be headed to Indianapolis for a few days of intense learning. I will be live tweeting from the Public Relations Society of America’s 2016 International Conference October 23-25, 2016. If you plan on attending #PRSAICON please tweet me @happy2smile247 so we can meet up or tweet up. Can’t make it to Circle Center for the fun, follow along on Twitter with #PRSAICON.

It’s fairly certain that I won’t be getting much sleep due to all the over-stimulation I’ll be subject to at the Public Relations Society of America’s 2016 International Conference (PRSAICON) in Indianapolis. If you aren’t familiar with the challenges and benefits of live tweeting, let me break it down for you.

Benefits of Live Tweeting at PRSA ICON 2016

  1. The best way to meet people in who share your communication interests in the Twittersphere is to live tweet at an event filled with people who share that interest.
  2. Live tweeting is a great way to take notes, snap reference images, share them with others and be able to reference them later.
  3. It’s good exercise; being able to actively listen, disseminate, and discuss simultaneously is a solid brain workout.
  4. It can strengthen your clout/influence/impact scores by broadening your network and validating your authorship.

Challenges of Live Tweeting at PRSA ICON 2016

  1. Did you catch #3?! It’s freaking near insanity if you don’t stretch first.
  2. Battery power, it takes a lot of juice to run nonstop from dawn til drop-dead asleep. I carry back-up chargers and a booster battery capable of four full charges,  when I get it charged properly.
  3. Getting the right shot. Event venues are rarely optimized for snapping speakers or supporting visuals.
    4. Attribution can be challenging. Not every individual you’d like to attribute learnings to is on Twitter, and even if they are it can be difficult to identify the right person without a little background investigation. Thankfully speakers often provide their details at the start.


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